Spacetime is now Polybase.

The web3 database

Faster and cheaper than any blockchain, Polybase introduces a high performance decentralized database native to web3.

Web3 native

Use Polybase from smart contracts or dApps and verify zk proofs of the data.

Blazing fast

Integrated storage and indexing means low latency writes and queries.

Wallet authentication

Use existing wallets to login and encrypt data for "non-custodial data".

Horizontal scalability

Collections are sharded with configurable replication.

Start building

Polybase is a drop-in replacement for Firebase Firestore with a fast, decentralized storage backend.

// Add record to collection
title: 'Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System',
author: 'Satoshi Nakamoto',
// Read record from collection
const res = await Polybase.collection('books')

Backed by

  • 6th Man Ventures
  • Protocol Labs
  • OrangeDAO

What you can build

Social and chat

Give users web2-like speed and UX for truly decentralized alternatives.

DAO tooling

Enable full decentralization for DAOs by combining off-chain data with on-chain actions, secured by zk proofs.

Large public datasets

Derisk infra provider ToS changes by decentralizing datasets with integrated indexing and querying.

Data DAOs

Crowdsource data with decentralized contribution, validation and payment.

Oracle buffers

Mitigate oracle attacks by validating data before it is fed into smart contracts with strict, immutable rules.

Non-custodial data

Create a decentralized application where user data is stored on Polybase encrypted by their wallet.

Modern dApp infrastructure

Polybase can store any kind of structured data: user data, app state and metadata. Compose it with smart contracts and file storage for truly decentralized applications.

Polybase and Web3 Architecture

Non-custodial data

Today, when you use an app or website, you load data from a far away centralized database. When the app or website becomes popular, these centralized databases become the bottleneck.

And as your data flows through centralized databases, it is captured and locked away. Your private data is abused for profit.

Polybase moves the database to your device and a decentralized peer to peer network. You control who can access your data. Not only is this faster and cheaper, but it enables new types of apps and services that were never possible before.


 On DeviceDecentralized
Storage$0$0.108 / GB
Writes$0.18 / 100k$0.18 / 100k
Reads$0$0.06 / GB

Polybase is free to use during alpha.

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Polybase @ EthCC

Polybase CTO Calum Moore speaking on a ZK panel at EthCC Paris 2022.