Roadmap 2023

Jan 12, 2023

Calum Moore

2023 Q1: Rollup and consensus

This quarter we aim to be functionally ready with the main roll-up and consensus functionality. This will allow us to plugin the proof system when ongoing work completes in Q2.

  • Authorization rules

  • P2P connections

  • Consensus

  • Mempool

  • Rollup commit

  • Indexer plugins

  • Finalized Polylang to Miden VM

2023 Q2: Sharding and economics

Next quarter we will prepare for our main net launch by addressing the game-theoretic and economic aspects of the Polybase protocol. This will also encompass work on sharding and scalability as well as payment.

  • Sharded rollup and consensus

  • Re-sharding

  • Allocation

  • Cross shard queries

  • Payments

  • Validation proofs

  • Rollup proofs