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Testnet 1

Private USDC transactions for web3 leaders and design partners.


At Polybase Labs our mission is to enable people and businesses to benefit from decentralized financial products by building private and compliant blockchain infrastructure.
Over the last 18 months we have shipped valuable zk-based products and tools like Polybase DB, Polylang and ZK Bench. Now, we are building a privacy-focused zk-rollup.
We believe money infrastructure should be private, compliant, stable, accessible, secure, fast and cheap.
Surprisingly, it's still not.
We are excited to announce Polybase’s Testnet 1 (PT1), focused on private USDC transactions. PT1 is the first iteration of our privacy layer 2 network secured by Ethereum and will help us test the Polybase blockchain, gather product feedback, and lay the groundwork for bringing our strategic design partners onboard for mainnet.
The full Roadmap
PT1 has a limited capacity of just 100 slots. Both individuals and businesses will have the opportunity to earn points reflecting their degree of participation and engagement.
PT1 will take place between January 17th - February 17th, 2024.
Registration for PT1 is invite-only.

Roles and requirements

Our first testnet is tailored around two pivotal roles:
  • Web3 leaders: individuals with a knack for blockchain technology.
  • Design partners: businesses keen on exploring private onchain transactions
Both Web3 experts and design partners will actively conduct transactions on the test network and provide feedback. Design partners have the avenue to work closely with our team to build production-ready use cases, as well as offer advisory services.

Testnet participants

Web3 industry experts and design partners interested in on-chain privacy for their business represent a critical demographic for our initial testnet. Specifically, we aim to engage with:
  • On-chain payroll providers: These businesses stand to benefit immensely from private transactions, solving key challenges related to competitive and personal information exposure that is inherent in public blockchain transactions.
  • Token streaming companies: Privacy in transactions is a cornerstone requirement for token streaming platforms to ensure the confidentiality of financial flows.
  • Payments applications: Applications dealing with payments can leverage our private USDC transactions to enhance user privacy and compliance with regulatory mandates.