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Testnet to Mainnet Overview

Charting Polybase's path from Testnet stages to Mainnet
At Polybase, our development is driven by an iterative, feedback-oriented approach. Each phase, from Testnet 0 to Mainnet v3, builds on the insights gained from its predecessor, ensuring continuous refinement of our technology and alignment with the dynamic needs of the blockchain sector. Our engagement with a diverse user base, ranging from our internal team to external design partners and the public, fuels our innovation and ensures our solutions are robust, secure, and tailored to the real-world demands of decentralized finance.
Polybase Development Phases:
Testnet 0 (Nov 15, 2023): This initial phase is dedicated to internal testing, focusing on assessing and validating the core functionalities of the Polybase platform. It serves as a foundational step for ensuring system integrity and operational readiness.
Testnet 1 (Jan 17th - Feb 17th, 2024): The first external engagement phase, targeting design partners and web3 leaders. This testnet introduces a basic web frontend and the initial implementation of private payments. The goal is to gather initial user feedback and fine-tune the platform based on real-world use cases.
Testnet 2 (March 1, 2024): Coinciding with ETH Denver, this phase aims to broaden the user base and showcase the platform's enhanced features and user experience. The focus is on improving frontend functionalities and introducing more user-centric features.
Testnet 3 (April 1, 2024): Concentrating on usability and security enhancements, especially for mobile platforms. This phase is crucial for ensuring the platform's robustness and readiness for diverse user interactions.
Mainnet v1 (May 1, 2024): Marking the transition to real money transactions, this phase is a significant milestone in demonstrating Polybase's capabilities in a live environment. Scheduled around the Consensus event, it aims to showcase the platform's full potential and operational stability.
Mainnet v2 (June 1, 2024): This phase represents a shift towards a more decentralized network control, emphasizing community-driven governance and network management.
Mainnet v3 (Sept 1, 2024): Introduces advanced features such as private applications, highlighting Polybase's commitment to privacy and innovation in blockchain technology.
Each phase of Polybase's development is methodically planned to ensure a gradual and stable progression towards a fully functional, secure, and user-friendly L2 platform. This approach allows for continuous refinement based on user feedback and evolving market needs.